LiveWell Testimonials

“I joined LiveWell because I want to stay in my own home as long as I possibly can.”
Pat R., member since 2018

“After postponing it for as long as I could, I had surgery on my left Achilles tendon. My husband and I had dealt with this before, so I figured it was no big deal. The doctor was adamant about NO weight on that foot for 6 weeks. I really didn’t give much thought to the difficulty I might have getting in and out of the house, as well as maneuvering a wheelchair or walker around the house. Jack was able to help a lot but LiveWell was there to assist us in getting to the doctor and physical therapy appointments as well as to give me a sense of security and overall piece of mind knowing that we have LiveWell to support and help us when we need it.”
Suzanne B., member since 2017

“I joined LiveWell because I definitely want to stay in my own home as long as I possibly can. LiveWell allows me to do that, and I’m confident that they will provide me with the best care possible, should I need it.”
Eleanor T., member since 2016

“My Care Coordinator has been my guiding light!”
Susan H., member since 2016

“Our LiveWell care coordinator was invaluable after my husband’s spinal surgery. It was great to have immediate, professional assistance when we needed it the most.”
Poppy B., member since 2015

“We joined LiveWell while we could, when we were still active and healthy. We never dreamed we’d need care so soon.”
Charlie F., member since 2014

“The assistance from staff has been professional, prompt, friendly, thoughtful and caring.”
Juanita F., member since 2014