Life Care in Nashville, TN

When you begin researching senior living options, you might assume the fee structures of various communities are the same.

In reality, they can be dramatically different. That’s why it’s critical to know the right questions to ask to ensure that you are making sound decisions.

Daughter and Mother Researching Retirement Communities

Life Care at Blakeford at Green Hills

Blakeford at Green Hills is a Life Plan Retirement Community (also referred to as Continuing Care Retirement Community, or “CCRC”) which combines upscale senior living with the best of options for your current active lifestyle while providing priority access to Assisted Living, Short-Term Rehabilitation, and Long-term care for future healthcare when needed.

Blakeford goes one step further with its Life Care program, which is designed to protect your assets by providing substantial savings for long-term care when needed for as long as necessary.

Financial Benefits of Life Care

There are significant financial benefits to our Life Care Program. The IRS recognizes that a Life Care resident’s entrance fee and monthly service fees are considered partially prepaid health care expenses, so a portion of both qualifies as a medical expense deduction. Additionally, residents, or their estate, will receive a 90% refund of their one-time entrance fee.

With Life Care, should you require higher levels of care, the monthly fee will always be predictable, guaranteed, and 30 to 50 percent less than the market rate – fantastic savings!

Life Care works in conjunction with existing long-term care insurance policies as well. If you already have long-term care insurance, you will still be entitled to those benefits on top of the already exceptional reduced rates of Life Care.