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Looking for Aging at Home Programs at Blakeford & Need Help?

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When looking for independent living programs and services for seniors, it can be a challenge to determine what is right for each individual. Often we hear that someone isn’t certain whether to continue living at home or to move to gain access to the services needed. At Blakeford, we offer many options for senior living… Read more »

Gardens Help Seniors Thrive in Every Season

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For seniors in our LiveWell by Blakeford program, even a small garden provides plenty of benefits beyond the beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables you’ll cultivate. Digging in the dirt, breathing fresh air, and getting moving are just a few ways your garden will help you thrive. Here’s how: Healthy exercise that promotes strength, mobility Gardening… Read more »

The Senior’s Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Home Maintenance 

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As you age, certain tasks become more difficult and cause more risk. Yet, caring for your home can be energizing and purposeful. Choose projects carefully to protect your safety and continue to emotionally invest in your property. When you decide to focus on low-risk areas and delegate more difficult tasks to family or contractors, your… Read more »

Continuing Care at Home Programs Allow You to Maintain Control


Originally published by Amanda Young In the midst of this global pandemic, adults who are 50 and older may consider or reconsider how they will plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. The majority of people want to remain in their own homes and maintain control of their lives and future health care… Read more »

10 Reasons to Consider LiveWell By Blakeford

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Most adults say they want to remain at home as they age. Some will will change their minds and transition to a Senior Living Residence with satisfaction. But for those who want to age-in-place, Blakeford offers LiveWell By Blakeford. LiveWell is a program for healthy, independent adults who want to live at home while they… Read more »

Preparing to Age in Place

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  Many Seniors wish to remain in their homes as they age. Aging in place is a stronger possibility with the right preparations. Read on for how to plan for Aging in Place successfully. “Aging in place” refers to the choice Older Adults make to remain in their homes and communities rather than transition to… Read more »

What is Aging in Place?

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If you value remaining in your home as you live out your retirement years, Aging in Place provides freedom and benefits. Read on for how this retirement option may be the perfect path for you. Is Aging in Place for You? Many of us wish we had a magic wand that we could wave to… Read more »

Senior Services That Support Aging in Place

If you can’t bear the thought of leaving a much-loved home and community, fear not—with a little resourcefulness, you can successfully age in place—as long as you have the right supports in place (and your health needs are manageable). Read on for some ideas on how to create a support system that makes aging in… Read more »

A Fresh Perspective on Organizing your Home for Aging in Place

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Preserving value and making meaning out of clearing space for your comfort and security. As each Autumn rolls around, I find myself motivated by the clear and cooling air outside to further the cause of shaping my abode into the meaningful haven I strive for it to be. As I set my mind toward the… Read more »